Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trashbin and NecessaryNonsence

Trashbin and NecessaryNonsence are two amazing etsy shops that are mainly cute little crochet things. The first three are from Necessary Nonsence and the last two are from Trashbin.

I don't know if either of them are on twitter, I couldn't find their @names if they happen to have one.

But you can always follow me at @SquareKitties

This is "Paris the Pancake" very cutely named. The butter and syurp on the top, very adorable touch.
Now this one...I am so unsue about this one. Yes that is toilet paper and I'll leave it up to you to assume what the yellow and brown items are. I thought the toilet paper was cute but the whole thing as a set...I'm a slight bit iffy on that one.

I can't remember if this is ice cream or a cupcake but either way I love it. I am pretty sure it's ice cream with a cherry on top. The little blush on the cheeks gives it that extra cuteness.

Hamster hat. What more is there to say. I would love a hamster hat. It is awesome!!

Onigiri rice ball. With the adorable " =3 " face. I think this is very cute. It's simple yet adorable.

I just want to buy up all of their cute little items. I can crochet but not very well. I really need to practice making things other than blankets. If you want a blanket, I'm your girl. If you want a kitty...well you might try one of these two shops.


Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Those are so cute. I didn't think you could make pee and poo cute as well, lol ;-)

Square Kitties said...

I know, right? I was iffy on that one but I thought it was cute overall. =3

Laura Michele said...

These are so adorable!!! I want to hug them all!!!... except for maybe the bathroom theme plushies... they are still very cute though ^___^

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