Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sugar Bunny Shop

SugarBunnyShop is a cute little store I found that has adorable stickers, buttons, stationary, charms, bags, etc. I bought some stickers from here too, cupcake kitty of course. =3

The messenger bags are one of my favorite items! Right now there are four different ones that you can buy. I personally love the "Omnomnom!" bag, its so cute!! =D
You can check them out at @SugarBunnyShop on twitter.

I know, I know...again with the cupcake kitties. But come on, it's a plushie!!! You can't get much cuter that a kitty cupcake plushie!!! I mean they have some other cute plushies as well, but I like this one the most =3

They have been super fast with shipping out my items. I ordered it only a few days ago and already recieved notice of my package being shipped.

I will post again after I recieve my items =D

Ok so I didn't get the camera cord...but I do think I can use my boyfriends mini usb for his PSP on it. Woot, happy times!! I miss my camera. I loved taking pictures all the time. I hate it when there is something you want to take a picture of so badly and all you have is your crappy brokenish blackberry phone, haha.

And as a random addition I must add that I absolutly love doing snail mail. If anyone wants to do snail mail, I have tons of cute stationary and stickers waiting to be used. x3


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