Wednesday, July 14, 2010


ISewCute has adorable jewelery! The sprinkle looking bead necklaces are one of my favorite. Her prices are quite reasonable. I will definitely be purchasing from her in the future!

She is on twitter at @ISewCute if you want to follow her and her updates on her store items.

And you can always follow me on twitter as well at @SquareKitties =3

And a cupcake, of course. I absolutely love anything with cupcakes. This necklace is also one of my favorite items from her shop. And I love the random unicorn in the background. xD

I am going to have so much jewelery after finding all these cute things on Not that that is a bad thing =3

Rainbows and hearts, how could you not love this combination? Seriously though, you should go check out her shop, it has amazing items!


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