Sunday, June 27, 2010

Moments Like Diamonds Giveaway!

Moments Like Diamonds, awsome blog! And doing an awsome giveaway with fun items =)

1 Paris Kid's long necklace
1 Swimmer puppy face pouch
1 Softymo nose strip
1 Lorac eyeshadow primer
1 W*C summer catalog
1 Cosme Decorte Vital-Science Premium Lift mask
1 Usa-panda back scrubby sponge


I decided to restart my blog. I have had quite a few in the past and just want to have one compilation blog =3

I'd rather not go by my real name on here so I will borrow one of my nicknames and you may call me Coco =)

I will post more interesting stuff here once I get all my pictures switched over to my new computer.