Saturday, July 31, 2010

Giveaway Winner

Sorry about taking so long, been uber busy...and the winner is #1 MCapola!! Congrats!! =3

Monday, July 26, 2010

Farfalla Gialla

Farfalla Gailla is an adorable Etsy shop with bags, clutches, wallets, etc. She has so very cute designs, like the one above. I love this panda bag, its very adorable!! She still has a Christmas in July sale going on.

This iPod case is cute, too. I love the cute kitty and bunnies on it. =3 She has lots more iPod cases that are just as cute at his one. She has some slightly plainer ones if thats your style. But most of them are so adorable!!

This bag is so cute. It's her "kawaii bag with Japanese fabric". I love the little piggies on it! She has lots more cute bags at her shop.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Tizzalicious has an amazingly cute Etsy shop. Her products are very adorable!! She has such a variety and her prices are very fair. I love this cute bunny necklace the most!

She has lots of earrings for sale. These were my favorite earrings from her stock. These little neko earrings are so cute. =3

She has a twitter you can visit at @Tizzalicious.

This mushroom brooch caught my eye as well. The colors are vibrant and beautiful. And it's cute at the sam time!

You can visit her blog at Tizzalicious. I quite enjoy reading her blog. It's cutesy and fun to read.

I love this little guy! He is an adorable necklace. The heart dangling from him and the whole thing together is just so cute.

She has plushies, magnets, jewelery, all kinds of stuff in her shop. Her shop has 100% feedback as well. =3

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Giveaway # 2

Giveaway # 2

The prize for this giveaway is a pair of Kawaii Mameshiba Beans Headphones.


Giveaway will last from July 24th - July 30th @ 5:00 pm (AZ Time)

This giveaway is open worldwide.

Entries-Follow my blog and comment that you did. (1 Entry)

-Follow my twitter -- @Squarekitties (1 Entry)

-Tweet about the giveaway (1 Entry) *Once Daily*

-Post this giveaway on your blog (3 Entries)

Please post a different comment for each entry. If you posted on your blog please leave a comment saying you did so, with a link. If you followed me on twitter, please post a comment with your @twitter name. If you tweet about this, please post a comment with a link to the tweet.

Your comments are how your entries will be tallied.
I promise more giveaways when I have more followers. =D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Snappy Pendants

SnappyPendants is a cute etsy shop with lots of pendants and cute earrings.
It mostly consists of necklace pendants but she does have some earrings.
These owl earrings are very cute. There wasn't too many earrings to get pictures of to post here but I like this one the best.

And how could Square Kitties not like the kitty pendant? Its very cute =3

There are lots of pictures and not so much text on this one, sorry, very busy with homework. But this "hedgie" is adorable!!

And of course, a cupcake. Very simple and adorable.

This apple just has the cutest little face =3
On a non-Etsy related note. Once twitter reaches 100 followers I will be having another giveaway! =D

Monday, July 19, 2010

Paper Biscuit

Ice Cream Earrings

PaperBiscuit has a cute etsy shop with mostly jewelery but some other pretty items as well. I like these ice cream earrings. They are so adorable, especially with the cute sprinkles on them =3.

Sandwich Earrings

I absolutly love these cute little sandwich earrings!! The are so adorable! She has lots more cute jewelery on her etsy site. Most of the ones I have pictured in here are earrings becuase she does have a lot of earrings. But she also has necklaces, bracelets and rings. I just really liked all of these cute earrings.

Leather Bracelet - Pink

I really like this bracelet too. I always see leather bracelets but they look to boyish or manly. This is a cute way to make a leather bracelet girly and adorable! =D

Flower Earrings

More beautiful than cute, but I still love them. They are beautifuly made and the color is very pretty as well. She has so many different styles of earrings, only a few are shown here. You should go check out her shop to see all of the other amazingly cute items that she has!!

Strawberry Earrings

And one of my favorite...I LOVE THESE!!! They are so adorable! The strawberry and the =3 face make these earrings so cute. This has to be my absolute favorite item in her shop! =D

Although her prices are already quite fair she does have a sale going on. She is currently having a special where you buy 4 get 1 free and you buy 6 get 2 free. Also, she has a catagory called "Simple Day" that has a buy 2 get 1 free.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


ELEVEN13's Etsy shop is amazing! I know it's not the usual kind of products I post about but her items are just so beautiful!! I posted four pieces from her shop below. She has lots more on her shop, you should check it out! Her jewelery is all handcrafted and all very stunning.

Pink Druzy Quartz Pendant with Swarovski Crystals

This particular necklace is one of my favorites. I am a sucker for pink, and this necklace is beautiful! The swarovski crystal accent on the side gives this necklace even more appeal (not that the pink alone isn't beautiful, it really is very pretty either way).

She currently has a Christmas in July sale going on where all items in her shop are 20% off.

Abalone flower Pendant

Look at the amazing colors on this necklace! The overall design is so amazing. I am personally considering buying this one, it is so unique and adorable!! Her prices are very fair on all of her items. She also has quite a variety at her shop.

Sterling Silver Flower Necklace

This necklace is very simple and elegant and the same time. She has many similar items if you like any of the ones listed here. The beads are a nice accent to the necklace as well. Her feedback is all 100% at her shop as well. =D

Beautiful Rainbow Agate Pendant with Pearl and Crystal Charms on Sterling Silver Chain

The color of this pendant is what caught my eye. This is such a beautiful blue color! I love her use of the beads too. It has hard to decide which four I wanted to post on here, I wanted to put a picture about every single one! You can head over to her etsy store *linked below* and check out the rest of her collection. Don't forget, she has the Christmas in July sale where her entire stock is 20% off!

Contact ELEVEN13:
You can check out her shop at
ELEVEN13 or her twitter @Eleven13Jewelry or her facebook ELEVEN13JEWELRY.


Congratulations to "Brandy @ The Moody Fashionista"

You are the winner of the giveaway and the necklace.

Thank you to everyone who entered, I'll have another giveaway soon. =D

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trashbin and NecessaryNonsence

Trashbin and NecessaryNonsence are two amazing etsy shops that are mainly cute little crochet things. The first three are from Necessary Nonsence and the last two are from Trashbin.

I don't know if either of them are on twitter, I couldn't find their @names if they happen to have one.

But you can always follow me at @SquareKitties

This is "Paris the Pancake" very cutely named. The butter and syurp on the top, very adorable touch.
Now this one...I am so unsue about this one. Yes that is toilet paper and I'll leave it up to you to assume what the yellow and brown items are. I thought the toilet paper was cute but the whole thing as a set...I'm a slight bit iffy on that one.

I can't remember if this is ice cream or a cupcake but either way I love it. I am pretty sure it's ice cream with a cherry on top. The little blush on the cheeks gives it that extra cuteness.

Hamster hat. What more is there to say. I would love a hamster hat. It is awesome!!

Onigiri rice ball. With the adorable " =3 " face. I think this is very cute. It's simple yet adorable.

I just want to buy up all of their cute little items. I can crochet but not very well. I really need to practice making things other than blankets. If you want a blanket, I'm your girl. If you want a kitty...well you might try one of these two shops.

Acrylicana Shop

Acrylicana Shop is another great shop. She has unique and beautiful jewelery and hair pins. This one above is so awsome looking. =D She has so many amazing items in her Etsy store. I'd love to just buy them all up! You should take a look at her shop and see for yourself all of the amazing and beautiful items that she has for sale.

You can also check her out on twitter

She also has cute acrylic rings like the cupcake one above. I know, I know, enough with the cupcakes...but I can't help it! I love cupcakes! =D

Probably has to do with the fact that I absolutly love to bake! I'm not much one for eating the baked goods, but I love to bake and decorate cakes, cupcakes, etc. so much!!
Her artwork is so cute! I love this ring so much and her other ones are just as pretty.

This piece is one of my absolute favorites. And not because it is a cupcake. It is just beautifuly drawn. Look at those amazing colors! and the jewels on the outside give it just enough sparkle.

In addition to her Etsy shop she also has a webpage: On her portfolio page she has her bio and lots of illistrations she has done. They are quite beautiful, you should take a look =)

There are also videos where you get to watch her create some of her artwork, it's quite amazing! Overall she has so much talent and beautiful items. =D

Friday, July 16, 2010


CheekyJezebel, it isn't an shop, but that doesn't mean they don't have the cutest items! I mean come on, look at this neko necklace, it's adorable! I love how it's chubby, it makes it that much cuter.
She has hair accessories in addition to jewelery. I like these little penguin hair pens. She has a few more styles of the hair pins but mostly has the jewelery.
You can follow her on twitter @cheekyjezebel and you can follow me at @SquareKitties.

I like this little guy as well. I think overall he is cute. =3
I haven't boughten anything from her shop yet but that's not saying that I wont. I need to halt my jewelery and online shopping for a bit. My boyfriend can't be too happy about all of my spending, haha.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

UnCorked =D

Uncorked is a cute shop. She has these adorable cork necklaces. I love this one, the robo duck! =3

There are lots more of these necklaces, I just picked the three that I liked the most. I didn't want to get too picture happy and put everyone on here. You should head over to her site, linked above, and have a look around.

It's amazing what people are able to do with seemingly useless objects. I love the idea of using corks for jewelery. =D

This one is quite pretty as well. The flowers are very bright and colorful. =D I really want to buy this one. I mean I would like a lot of them, haha, but this one is one of my favorites.

I'm not sure how comfortable this would be to wear, but I'm sure it's not too bad. I am just used to wearing such small necklaces. I am attempting to expand the types of jewelery that I wear. = )

I'm not particularly a pear person, but this one was quite pretty. Not really much else to say on this one. I just thought it was more interesting than anything. Thoughts?

Her blog is at =D

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


ISewCute has adorable jewelery! The sprinkle looking bead necklaces are one of my favorite. Her prices are quite reasonable. I will definitely be purchasing from her in the future!

She is on twitter at @ISewCute if you want to follow her and her updates on her store items.

And you can always follow me on twitter as well at @SquareKitties =3

And a cupcake, of course. I absolutely love anything with cupcakes. This necklace is also one of my favorite items from her shop. And I love the random unicorn in the background. xD

I am going to have so much jewelery after finding all these cute things on Not that that is a bad thing =3

Rainbows and hearts, how could you not love this combination? Seriously though, you should go check out her shop, it has amazing items!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sugar Bunny Shop

SugarBunnyShop is a cute little store I found that has adorable stickers, buttons, stationary, charms, bags, etc. I bought some stickers from here too, cupcake kitty of course. =3

The messenger bags are one of my favorite items! Right now there are four different ones that you can buy. I personally love the "Omnomnom!" bag, its so cute!! =D
You can check them out at @SugarBunnyShop on twitter.

I know, I know...again with the cupcake kitties. But come on, it's a plushie!!! You can't get much cuter that a kitty cupcake plushie!!! I mean they have some other cute plushies as well, but I like this one the most =3

They have been super fast with shipping out my items. I ordered it only a few days ago and already recieved notice of my package being shipped.

I will post again after I recieve my items =D

Ok so I didn't get the camera cord...but I do think I can use my boyfriends mini usb for his PSP on it. Woot, happy times!! I miss my camera. I loved taking pictures all the time. I hate it when there is something you want to take a picture of so badly and all you have is your crappy brokenish blackberry phone, haha.

And as a random addition I must add that I absolutly love doing snail mail. If anyone wants to do snail mail, I have tons of cute stationary and stickers waiting to be used. x3

Monday, July 12, 2010


This time it's a Square Kitties giveaway!

The Prize!

The prize for this giveaway is a silver necklace with a pendant and rose. *Disclaimer* Sorry about the crappy picture, I had to use my webcam...I broke my phone and still don't have a connector for my camera. It says "Love the Life you Live" and has a rose next to it. It's all silver.


Giveaway will last from July 12th - July 18th @ 4:30 pm (AZ Time)

This giveaway is open worldwide.

-Follow my blog and comment that you did. (1 Entry)
-Follow my twitter -- @Squarekitties (1 Entry)
-Tweet about the giveaway (1 Entry)
-Post this giveaway on your blog (2 Entries)

That's a total of 5 entries.

Please post a different comment for each entry. If you posted on your blog please leave a comment saying you did so, with a link. If you followed me on twitter, please post a comment with your @twitter name. If you tweet about this, please post a comment with a link to the tweet.

Your comments are how your entries will be tallied.

I promise more giveaways when I have more followers. =D


EternalSunshine has the cutest chrochet items! Like this deviled egg, it's so cute =3

She has some hats, sockts, etc. in the store as well. But I just thought these ones were the cutest!

His little angry face is cute, I want to pinch his lil egg cheekies. =D And now I kinda want to eat some eggs...and we don't have any! I need to go grocery shopping so bad. xD

I know how to crochet...a little. Off and on it took me about 8 years and I still had to have someone else finish the blanket for me. It got too hot to do it here in Arizona. You have to have the blanket laying over you and it gets kinda toasty after a while, haha.

I wouldn't mind trying to make little cute things like this. They might look like blobs at first but I'm sure if I keep trying I can do it. =D

Then if I get enough followers I'll give them away, hehe.

I do have some cute items waiting here though. Once I have more followers, there will be a giveaway. I keep seeing all kinds of cute little items that people will love. =D

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Ok I could just eat this all up! Not sure how that would be on my stomach though = P
This shop belongs to athinalabella. These items are adorable!

This heart pendant is adorable. I need to buy somemore necklaces. Not sure where I'll put them...but I'll find a place =3

These just look like yummy little sugar balls of goodness =D
I am finally buying my camera cord tomorrow! My school work was piled up so much I didn't have time to get it. But I'm caught up now...well kinda. xD